Our Mission

At Famous in Media, we champion the power of storytelling through captivating visuals. We partner with news organizations to transform their untapped media treasures into art prints, creating a bridge between journalism and creativity.

In a rapidly changing media landscape, we empower both non-profit and for-profit news entities to diversify revenue streams. By licensing their original photos and images, we open new avenues for support. Our mission is to fortify local journalism, ensuring its vital role in accountability reporting remains unwavering.

The process is simple: news organizations license their media to us, and we turn them into high-quality prints. With Famous in Media, consumers directly contribute to the sustainability of journalism. We handle everything from advertising to fulfillment, allowing organizations to focus on their core mission.

We believe in the symbiotic relationship between consumers, news organizations, and our platform. As patrons discover and purchase prints, they not only gain unique artwork but also become passionate advocates for their chosen news outlets.

Our vision extends beyond journalism to support other social organizations like orchestras, museums, and non-profits. By unlocking revenue streams through art, we strive to deepen people's connection to their communities.

Join Famous in Media in the journey of transforming media into meaningful art, where every purchase propels the mission of journalism and community engagement.